Twitter vs. facebook: Comparing the Ad Performance of the world’s largest social networks?

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Both twitter and face book are famous social networking sites, which connect people all over the world. You can share your pictures, comments with your friends through these sites. And there is no need to introduce twitter and facebook because everybody well knows about them. These are the best platform for individuals and businesses also. Twitter is a micro-blogging site, which contains 140 short messages character and in other side face book is multi-purpose social networking site for users. They can make chat, share photos and play games through facebook. But both are the most important sites of social media to connect the people worldwide.


Time limit of content

Time limit makes a big difference between twitter and facebook. Every one use the twitter and facebook regularly, and we noticed that in twitter all the activities and engagements happens with tweets in the first hour of posting. And facebook can go for it for many hours and days. It means that face book has timeless quality and you have no worries about your post but twitter users are worried about their tweets of its short lifespan of content.

People use these social networking sites to make friends. But in his early days twitter use the friend for followers. It seems very funny. But there are a difference between friends and followers. Making friends on facebook goes a far and deep connections then following someone on the twitter. You can connect with your friends, family persons and with others through facebook but twitter allows you to follow only. Follow others on the bases of important topics, conversations that are the same interest of them. You feel more personal with facebook than twitter.


The other one most fact is speed that makes a good comparison between twitter and facebook. And in this, twitter is going very fast. Twitter is become more faster way to convey the messages. For example, we get the news of flood in Kashmir first on twitter than other social media sites. On other hand, facebook appears very slow in case of speed. And you want to create viral effect for any information; using twitter is more effective than facebook.

Social media marketing

Twitter is the better option than facebook as a news portal and directing traffic. Facebook is still the king in building relationship. But the individuals and companies use twitter for their exposure. They promote their business and talent through twitter and use it to get more followers and customers. It is used to get instant success. Facebook expand the span of the conversation and care the different conversations in the form of jokes and views.

Different posting time

Posing time of content makes a big difference in facebook and twitter. We noticed that the best posting time of twitter is 5.00PM and noon time is best for facebook posting. When we go for days, Wednesday is nice for twitter and Saturday for facebook. It means the accessing time of Facebook and twitter is quite different. The peak at work days for Twitter shows the strong business. Saturday for Facebook show us that the entertainment factor on Facebook is higher on that time. It is very clear that social networking sites have its own specific features, facebook is for building relations and twitter is for news hunger. These are the best medium to utilize your talent and creativity.


Are these both sites are best for exposure ?

Yes, both sites have own features and best for showing creativity and for getting publicity.

Are these sites beneficial for me ?

Yes, 100%.

Can I make profit from these sites ?

Yes, you make profit by using the best use of it.

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