The 6 most used social networks on mobile in US

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blog_storyEvery social media company wants to get mobile users experience lots of because it is very important for the success of the company. Because most of people are using social media app via their phones and the reason is that everyone is not able to use social apps via the computers, laptop and also from IPad because these are not handy so people or individuals likely to use these apps via their phone or iPhone. Using social media app via android phones or iPhone is growing the popularity of social app fast. More than 50% of mobile users are using social app from their apps regularly. Youngsters, educated people and those with a higher yearly family wage are more inclined to utilize social networking sites on their phones than different gatherings. Easily we can share our photos and ideas on social networks by our phone that is why people always prefer to mobile phone to use social networks because when they feel bore then can use it any of time. When they come from office they can active on their profiles. According to digital marketing social networks can help businessmen or people lots of to their business or also their entertainment when they need. Social media revolves the whole world and that is the main reason that people want to be active every time on social networks. Now in this article you can see the 6 most used social networks on mobile in US.

1. Instagram- According to the latest trend report, people are using instagram more than 98% of their time of a day because instagram is the best site for sharing photographs. The photo quality of instagram is very good and people are using a lot of via their phones.

2. Pinterest- Pinterest is the second site which is used by people lots of. Users spend their 92% on pinterest. Millions of people are joined from this site and they are using it via their phones.

3.Twitter- In US people are spending 86% of time on twitter via their phones. Twitter is the best photo or video sharing app. People can get a great traffic on twitter so they use it from their phone they are free.

4. Facebook- A lot of businessmen and people in US are using facebook lots of, they give 68% of time to facebook in a single day. They share their photos and post with their friends and also they can talk with each other. They can be in tough with other always by the facebook.

5. Tumbler- Thousands of US tumbler users are spending their 46% of time on it. Tumbler is blogging website which can provide the platform to people for sharing their thoughts or ideas when they want to share. It is a flexible app; you can create your own theme and post the article on it.

LinkedIn- 26% of time a day is given by the US people. LinkedIn is a professional app where you can make your profession identity. People are getting latest updates of the market from this app. anyone can get best chance to enhance their business on LinkedIn.

These 6 social apps are using in US lots of. So if anyone wants to get these US social followers then come at our site and get your followers very fast and make new connections with US users. So just take these social networks seriously in your lifestyle because it can change your lifestyle totally. You can feel a lot of good changes in your business if you start to use social media.

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