Social media marketing VS traditional marketing

by / Tuesday, 31 March 2015 / Published in buy instagram followers

buy instagram followersA storm has come in marketing world by social media. It gives a strong competition to traditional marketing. Social media create a connection in whole world and it make possible to share things among the people of world from one place. It takes place the traditional methods of marketing which is based on face to face interviews, researches, focus groups etc. But now with social media, there is many things for one can do. Social Media has changed the meaning of marketing. The more use of platforms like Twitter, instagram, face book or tumbler means that social media has become a main pillar in brand communication. We feel that the power of social media is increasing every single second. Social Media marketing and Traditional marketing are two fully different processes. And there is a need that we should take separate knowledge about them. Social media marketing and traditional marketing is opposite to each other. Traditional marketing find new customers through mouth publicity and through the reference of reliable ones. On other hand, social media is more economic than advertising, and it also offers the opportunities for new engagement with customers.

1. Save time or money- Social media marketing consumes less money and time than traditional marketing. And there is no use of paper work so it saves much time and money.

2. Real customers’ feedback- The most important feature of social media research is that it is honest and feedback comes from customers. But researches in traditional marketing are limited to a particular set of questions. And some time customer gives their response very furiously on these question sets. But when we talk about social media, people post their views without asking for it. It gives you more information than the short responses like questionnaires or surveys.

3. Better understanding of consumer behaviour- Generally, traditional methods of survey involve depends on a set of predefined questions, which will some particular responses. And some time the response of this type of survey is useless because people don’t give the proper response and it affects your brand image. But social media connect you with your customers and it can help you gain a better understanding of their likes and dislikes. You know about their liking and know what kind of stuff grab attention of them and answers give you the information that you should not gain otherwise. And you can use this information make a brand recognition that would amazing and connect with customers.

4. Reach out to wide audience- Social networking sites have incalculable people, which relate with each other on a daily basis. It means that you can reach a wide and different audience with social media marketing. You can find out the need of different age groups, regions etc. and modify your marketing efforts that suits group. You can find out that which age group and community talks about your brand and then you can focus on them more when you design your marketing strategies.

Why traditional marketing is still important ?

Traditional marketing is still important because it is more effective and provides valid data. And it is very useful on those places where no internet facility. At those places, traditional marketing methods like advertising in news papers, broadcasting on television and radio and telemarketing is best for increasing their brand image. Traditional marketing is the effective way to connect directly with the market and customers on that places where online presence is very low. So the people who don’t know about the social media they use the traditional marketing and also it is essential for a business.

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