10 easy way to get more retweets

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10 easy way to get more retweetsTwitter is used most nowadays because of its feature. Twitter is micro-blogging site with 140 characters. Anybody get instant exposure by using twitter in best way. You show your online presence with more twitter retweets. And gaining retweets is not a rock-hammering job. Earning attention for the content takes time. It needs some strategy and some knowledge. And you also need some patience and determination and creation of the best content too. It is very slow and boring but also interesting. Use some tactics and get more retweets. Here we discuss on some ways to get more retweets.

1. Tweet with original stuff

Always post new content on twitter. It helps you in gaining more retweets. Everybody wants to be retweeting the new stuff. When it is related to breaking news or creating original content then people love more retweet this stuff. It will automatically increase your chances of being retweeted.

2. be exclusive

An exclusive or interesting content get more attention. If you have not than give a twist to others content and make them more interesting and you will get more retweets.

3. Use images

Image included text get more retweets than only-text tweets. Always insert a picture, and upload it directly on to twitter so it is instantly visible in the timeline but remember, don’t link it to third party photo.

4. Provide the content of people’s interest

People follow you when they get something interesting in your stuff. So the title must be short and eye- catching. You have to find out that what your followers want from you. They continue with you for a reason. And post the content of their interest.

5. Leave extra space in your tweet

When people retweet, they usually add a comment and their opinion in the original tweet. Always complete your tweet in 100 words. And leave some space for retweet. Make easier to others for retweet your stuff with leaving space for them.

6. Give retweets on others tweets

Sometimes you have to retweet on others content or your followers. If you retweet regularly than you get more in return so keep retweet.

7. Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags have more chance to get retweets but 1 or 2 hashtags is sufficient in a single tweet. Do not overload it. It will be negative for you.

8. Tweet at the optimum times

You have to do some work to find out that time when your more followers are online, and Tweet according their time. You can use a tool like social bro to find the best time to tweet. Due to my experience the best day for tweeting is Wednesday and time is 5AM to 7PM. But tweet regularly to get more retweets, without depending days and time.

9. Ask

Asking for a Retweet can help to generate more amount of engagement. Use it very carefully otherwise asking for a retweet with every post seems tacky and desperate..

10. Be Social

Everybody who uses these social networking sites for personal or professional use should be commenting on other people’s posts. Connect with other twitter users and share something about your personal life as well as your business and give a chance to people to know about you. People are always like to share Tweets from someone they have know and like. We see that film stars and other celebrities’ get more retweet on their tweets because we know about their personal and professional life. So be social and get more retweets.

Utilize twitter in your best way using these tips. Always do experiments and get you best. By using these methods, make your tweeting more impressive and get more retweets.

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